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Customers & Comments

Attention Customers!

Let us add a link to your web site.  Send us your logo and a small description of your products and/or services by email.  You should include a contact name and an email link.  

We reserve the right to edit your description for size (if we do make any changes we will let you know before it's posted).

Who is eligible for the link?  Current Camnetics' customers who are on the support/maintenance plan.

There is no cost for this offer.

Here's a few comments by some of our customers:


Thank you for you incredibly fast response! After digging through and figuring out my companies security to allow me to run the SOLIDWORKS repair utility that solved my problem... Thank you again for you expert help, Steve 2023-01-13


Hello, My Name is Alec A. and I'm the captain and drivetrain design lead of UMBC Racing. Camnetics has been a sponsor to our team for a few years now by providing your GearTeq for SOLIDWORKS software free of charge. The team is very appreciative of this generosity as it allows us to design our custom gearboxes which have always been some of the most light and efficient ones used in the series. For the 2023 season we will be resigning our gear ratios and geometry so we are once again in need of your software. As such we would like to request the latest version of your software for use with SOLIDWORKS 2021. Once again I'd like to thank Camnetics for their generosity and I've also attached our sponsor information package to this email. This packet goes over the benefits our sponsors receive for their contributions. If you need anything else from me to make this happen please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks 06/27/2022


You have always been fast and pro in the years I have had your product!  Enjoy your Sunday!  I'm making gears today! :-)
Mark 2021-05-23


I've used GearTrax on many feature films and small projects. The ease of use and matching industry standards has made any gear related project a snap.


I represent the University of Maryland, Baltimore County SAE Mini-Baja team. First, I would like to thank Camnetics for its sponsorship of our team the past few years, your involvement has helped our small team maintain its

Gearteq has been fundamental in improving our drive-train efficiency year over year, from 81% before you began supporting out team to a current efficiency of over 94%; a significant improvement for us, and critical in a stock engine racing series.

CamTrax64 has allowed us to reverse engineer a component for our drivetrain which is no longer manufactured (originally scavenged from a snowmobile). Not only has this allowed us to maintain our performance by reproducing worn, irreplaceable components, but even begin research and development of custom profiles so that we can further optimize it to our unique needs, while reducing our operating costs by producing difficult components in house.

These improvements in performance have enabled us to attain a 1st place award for research and design, a 3rd place award for fastest acceleration, and a 1st place award for lowest prototype cost. Results like these are a direct result of support from companies like yours, which allow us to thoroughly develop our ideas prior to fabrication. I am currently writing in hopes of continuing our partnership.

Thank you, Daniel M


One again thanks for everything - I am awed by your engineering / programming talent and then you are friendly and helpful as well!
Best regards
Len South Africa 2013-12-08


Thank You very much. You all have been very helpful. GearTrax is going to make my job a whole lot easier. Mike R. 2013-11-26


Thanks for the fast answer. It is so simple and it really helped us.
The good news for us: we will offer our customer better solutions and faster response time.
The good news for you: Our R&D were considering to buy "Kisssoft", your fast response and solution, takes the wind out of this idea...
"Bad news" for you: we were so much impressed by the technical support, we will start asking more questions and try to challenge you with our problems :-)
Thanks again.
 Wishing you a great day,
Best regards,
Eran 07/16/2013


I represent the university of Maryland, Baltimore County SAE Baja team. First, I would like to thank Camnetics for its sponsorship of our team this year, your involvement has helped us maintain our competitive edge in this racing series. Your software has been fundamental in improving our drive-train efficiency from 81% last year to 94% this year, a significant improvement for us, and critical in a stock engine racing series. This improvement in performance has enabled us to attain a 1st place award for research and design and a 3rd place award for fastest acceleration, all while maintaining the lowest prototype cost score. This is a direct result of sponsorship from companies like yours, which allow us to thoroughly develop our ideas prior to fabrication...
Thank you,
Daniel 05/31/2013


I was digesting your recommendations further. You have given us a really superb response on this, with very clear guidance. It's much appreciated!
Jim, UK 02/21/2013


Cutting the parts for the MEISWINKEL JUMP HOUR CLOCK


Thanks for the quick reply again. 

I work for Johnson & Johnson and I have been recommending your product all over the company for years.  Everyone here loves it (especially geartrax).   It lets even our industrial designers design gears.  Just thought you would like some positive feedback.
Chad 09/13/2012


We are up and running thanks for the help your software (GearTeq) is a great tool for our department.
Pillip D. 08/17/2012


We are very pleased with the GearTrax software we purchased. We also have many cam applications and would like to evaluate CamTrax. Thanks.
Chris, USA 02/13/2012


Can you help me get an upgrade so that I can use your wonderful program with my upgraded SW 2011 ?
Carsten 11/15/2011


Most of our refurbished gear products, spurs and helicals are re-engineered using your software (GearTeq) and it has been very accurate and productive.
Allan, South Australia 2011-08-01


Greg, one thing is for certain, one of the best things in my machines is the gearing I make with your software! I freakin' love your software. Put me in a powder-blue suit with some over-moussed-hair: I'm ready to evangelize! I need to send you some things soon! If you don't know it already, I make some kick ass stuff with your software!
Kent 06/30/2011


I also want to thank you for all your help and effort, the easy answer would have been to say this is what my software does, sorry it doesn’t work like you thought. You have gone above and beyond to help us solve our issues and keep this project alive.
Gary 06/21/2011


From our conversation this morning and using the spur tab it looks like everything has worked out perfect on this. I'm going to practice with a few more but as of now I'm extremely impressed with the software.

Clif 07/29/2010


I would like to purchase a license for Gearteq. I had the trial a while ago, and was impressed. You also gave some really thorough support for a tricky problem I had. I now need to use it more extensively.
Jim 07/28/2010


I have just realised that if I specify the Space_Width instead of Tooth_thickness, I can indeed get the final part exact. Excellent! Thanks for all your help.

Best Regards,
Jim 01/19/2010


Hey! I have GearTeq running! It's freaking gorgeous!
I can't wait to make something with it. If I can, I'll send out some more samples....
It's really a great package, Greg!

Kent, Ph.D. Candidate (2009-10-21)


Whow, u'r fast! Thanks! (for providing new registration codes)

Richard, Deerfield, IL


Thanks again for providing the best and fastest customer support..

Have a nice weekend.. Glenn, Ann Arbor, MI


The software change has sorted my problem and has not introduced any other issues that I have noticed. Thanks a lot for this really quick response I am extremely impressed. May God's light shine on all your endeavours!!!

Regards, Terry U.K.


Thank you for a fantastic program [GearTeq], I fell over backwards when it did a
complete planet gear assy in SOLIDWORKS in half a minute.

Anders, Sweden


Yes, I believe you are right, the addendum/dedendum values referenced were
for the hobbing tool. Thank you very much; very impressed with your service and product.
Will be in touch shortly.

Chris, W.Boylston MA


Hi Greg

The GearTrax program worked beautifully for us in designing an external
involute spline. From this we were able to machine the spline on a 4
axis machine. Generally the very few splines that we have to machine, we
have an existing part to measure, from which we can design it. In this
case, the customer specified what type of spline they wanted, and we had
to design it from scratch. When jobs like this do come up we use a local
gear cutting company which has the right cutters to cut them for us. In
this case they didn't have the right size cutter and were going to
charge us for the cutter as well as maching it! We therefore decided to
find a way in which to design and machine it ourselves. With a bit of
"googling" we came across your software which worked seamlessly with
Solidworks. So impressed we were with it that the boss would like to buy

Thank you very much


Rick, Australia


Thank you a lot for your fast and profesional support it works nice.

Shalom, Israel


Hi Greg,

Thanks. I have it working. I'm just looking at a Spline that has been
generated directly inside SOLIDWORKS. Pretty impressive software.

Best Regards
David, Australia


Just a note to thank you for your help with spiral bevel gear and pinion. We were able to machine the sample gear and pinion and our customer was very happy with the results. Thanks again.

Roger, Brockport, PA




Scott, USA


Dear Gregory,

Thanks, for your great customer service.

Best regards
Elie, Israel


Your product has been invaluable to a couple of our recent projects.



Good update, I appreciate how GearTrax, which has always been useful, has become still more useful. Keep it up.

Best regards,
Paul, Pitsford, New York


Here's a few of our customers: LLC LLC is an engineering consulting firm dedicated to helping clients with new product development and design; and the manufacture of metal and plastic gear transmission systems. Through the delivery of professional engineering design we create expanded applications for molded products, offer cost and time savings to our customers. We concentrate our efforts on various types of actuators and gearbox designs, including planetary or compound epicycle differential gears, cycloid, non-circular, crossed axis helical gears, face gears, lantern-crown gear, spiral bevel gears, worm and external and internal spur gears.

Zoltan Sostarecz LLC
4200 Wisconsin Ave., NW
PMB # 106-193
Washington, DC 20016-2143
Voice/Fax: 815 642 0434
mobile: 202 492 4892



        Design-Tek, Inc. has developed a family of precision planetary gearheads that are rated for servomotors and are highly reliable. The materials and heat treatments are selected for maximum service life. We offer gearheads in NEMA sizes 17, 23 and 34 and high strength, miniature gearheads that are size 7, 8, 11, 13, and 15. We can also design planetary gearheads as large as 12 inches in diameter.

We are specialists in the engineering of planetary, spur, and worm gearheads. Frequently, customers require a motor shaft to be hobbed in order to reduce length and / or increase reliability; we work with various motor manufacturers for our customers. DTI can also design more economical gearheads for medium to high volume applications.

Our gearhead products are presently used in the aerospace, space, medical, and motion control applications.

We also offer the following services:
    ~ Engineering / Design / Fabrication for various products
    ~ Product development / product improvement 
    ~ Design / Fabricate Custom Laser Gearhead Backlash fixtures – for measuring backlash on a DTI brand or any brand gearhead.

Please visit our web site or contact us by email or phone (numbers shown below). I look forward to hearing from you.


Ron Foster

Design-Tek, Inc.
29116 SW Serenity Way
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Ph 503-855-3769  main phone
Fax 503-855-4612
Cell 775-315-8329



We are a precision contract CNC machine shop producing a wide variety of parts using conventional and unconventional machining methods.  We offer high quality prototype and production machining services with short lead times, and reasonable prices for parts of any complexity.  To ensure excellent service customers deal directly with our project managers who have each been with the company for over 10 years and are available any time by phone or email.

Shop capabilities include: 5-Axis Milling / Conventional 3 and 4-axis CNC Milling / CNC Turning with available Y-axis, live tooling, and sub spindle / Surface, Cylindrical, and Centerless Grinding / Honing / OMAX Abrasive Waterjet Cutting with taper comp / Wire EDM with full 4-axis and auto threading / Ram EDM / Sheet Metal Forming / Welding / and Production Band Sawing.  We also offer reverse engineering services (on-site and off-site), and we have a 5-axis Zeiss CMM to inspect parts of any complexity.

Wagner Machine Company
Interstate Research Park
PO Box 3969, 61826
3200 Farber Drive
Champaign, IL 61822

Kurt Wagner
217-390-6226 cell
217-384-0072 office
217-384-8061 fax


Camnetics, Inc. - Oregon, Wisconsin USA