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The GearTeq specific FAQ page

The GearTrax specific FAQ page

The CamTrax specific FAQ page


Why do I need to provide my SOLIDWORKS serial number?
We only need the 1st 16 digits of your SOLIDWORKS serial number. Camnetics uses that part of the serial number to generate the 10 day code and in most cases, the permanent registration code.

I want to use GearTeq or CamTrax64 as a standalone program.
Download the SOLIDWORKS version.  During the registration process select the “Create an ID for this computer" option.   We will need the serial number that is created to generate the 10 day or permanent  registration code.
Download the SOLIDWORKS version. When downloading, enter "standalone" for the SOLIDWORKS serial number. We will email you with instructions on how to create the serial number for your computer.

I installed a ten day trial version of your software, but when I enter the registration code you gave me, it says it is expired.
The ten day trial starts the day the registration code is issued. If it’s been more than ten days since we issued the trial code, you will need to request another ten day trial. If it hasn’t been ten days since your code was issued, please be sure to copy and paste the registration code or contact us for assistance.

How can I get a copy of your current price list?
End users may contact us or your appropriate CAD reseller.
Resellers need to contact us and we will email you a reseller price list.  All resellers are always required to use their company email address.  Hotmail and Gmail type accounts will be ignored.

How do I purchase your software?
Contact us or your CAD reseller.
The direct purchase process is as follows:
Purchase orders can be sent via email (PDF preferred) or fax. If you are located within the United States, payment may be made by check or credit card. We do require payment in advance for international orders; payment for these orders may be made by wire transfer or credit card. Please let us know which payment method you prefer. Credit card information may be called in, faxed to us, or included on a purchase order. Here is a link to a small program that can encrypt your credit card information if you choose to email it:
Click the link and select run. Enter your credit card information and click encrypt. Copy the string of numbers and email it to us.

I’m a student. Do you offer an educational version of your software?
Yes we do. Educational licenses are $95. A separate license must be purchased for each type of software you wish to run (GearTeq, GearTrax or CamTrax64). Software will be delivered via download only; no CD or manual will be provided. Support and maintenance is not available with the purchase of educational licenses.
We do offer educational network licenses as well. Contact us or your reseller for more information.

How do I become a Camnetics, Inc. Reseller?
We allow any authorized SOLIDWORKS, Inventor or Solid Edge reseller in good standing to resell our products. We do not require resellers to sign a reseller contract. Contact us for further information or a reseller price list. Purchase orders may be sent via email (PDF preferred) or fax and should include complete end user information. Please note that payment in advance is required for international orders.

Why should I purchase support and maintenance?
We offer free technical help running the software for those on the support and maintenance plan.  This also includes free upgrades during the time period.

Do you offer any training?
No, we strive to create software that is easy and intuitive to use.  We offer free technical help running the software for those on the support and maintenance plan.

I have a SOLIDWORKS network license. Can I purchase a single seat of your software or do I have to purchase a network license?
You can purchase a single seat of our software to be used on one computer. Generally our software uses the SOLIDWORKS serial number for registration. Since you are using a SNL, our software will create a serial number on your computer that is very similar to your SOLIDWORKS number. We will email you instructions for creating this serial number.

I want to network my seat of GearTeq, GearTrax, CamTrax64 or CamTrax.
We offer 3 different types of networking options:
1. SneakerNET HASP - A USB device that gets moved from gets moved from workstation to workstation and carries the license with it. End users will only be able to run the software on the computer on which the HASP is currently installed.
2. Network HASP - A USB device and a service that get installed on a single computer that acts as the license manager.  End users will be able to run the software on any computer connected to the network. The number of people who can access the software at a time depends on how many seats of the software they own. For example, if they own one seat of the software, one person at a time may access the software.
3. GearTrax/GearTeq/ CamTrax64 SNL License - For end users with SOLIDWORKS network licenses only. The GearTrax, GearTeq and CamTrax64 SNL Licenses grant end users the right to use the software on all of their computers, simultaneously, that are running the SOLIDWORKS Network License.  SOLIDWORKS uses a single serial number for their network license; our software uses that serial number to register our products.  This does not use the SOLIDWORKS network license manager, only the serial number of the SNL, retrieved from the computer's registry.  There is no login-logout required, no license manager to maintain.  End users will not be able to run using this license on standalone work stations (non-SNL computers). To run more than one program with an SNL License (for example, both the CamTrax64 SNL License and the GearTeq SNL License) a license must be purchased for each program.
All network license fees are one-time fees which are in addition to the purchase price of the software.

The 1st year of support and maintenance is required when purchasing one of the network options.   If you are currently on the support and maintenance plan then it is extended out for a year.

 I am having trouble with a network license for GearTeq, GearTrax or CamTrax.
Please review this PDF file: NetHASP Check List

Will the 2010 version of a Camnetics product run with SOLIDWORKS 2011?
No. Changes in the SOLIDWORKS API requires new builds of Camnetics' products. If you are on the Camnetics' support and maintenance plan, the upgrades are free of charge.

Will the 2011 version of a Camnetics product run with older versions of SOLIDWORKS?
The latest version of our software is always backward compatible. 

What is the difference between a network license and a SneakerNET license?

A network license uses a USB device that gets plugged into a single computer which acts as the license server. A SneakerNET license also uses a USB device but it gets moved from workstation to workstation and carries the license with it.


We sent you screen shots or GearTrax/Teq or CamTrax files, isn't that enough? Why do you need more documentation, for example customer drawings or data sheets?
If you only send us GearTeq or CamTrax files, that tells us what you ae doing but not what you are trying to do. Sometimes we can pick things out that you might find unneccesary or reduntant and we might find it very useful. Plus redundancy helps verify the design parameters.

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